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I am working as Specialist sales and have recently switched from MedTech to Pharma, so have to admit I have been using the sight (sic) to sense check things as and when I read them. At the moment I am still getting up to speed on the sector, as and when I do start to send out dailies and the like I am more than happy to cite DA as a source. | JD, London Sell sider
I found your Druganalyst Consensus Database on web coincidentally. I found it very useful. What shocked me, however, is how you can possibly justify charging $60,000 for full access. I would appreciate if you could provide a free trial for us. | JP, Athens Greece
You are mistaking two different types of antisense, and two different diseases to come to your conclusion. Kind of scary IMO. You might want to stop and check out what a real expert thinks every now and then...! | Unknown web comment
"I just wish you'd call me more. The idea of having to read the research is deeply irritating". | JM long only LONDON
I don’t rate you as a share tipping service, for that I’ll pay the guy who met the CEO last week and wants to tell me what he said, but for hard-arsed analysis, for sticking with your convictions, and for threatening to cut me off if I didn’t stop complaining… you are the very model of a modern equity analyst. | CTM Long/Short US hedge fund
So you don’t do corporate access, and you don’t talk to company IR. You don’t send your comments to companies for edit or checking. You don’t mince your words, don’t care whose feathers you ruffle, and don’t mind what bubbles you prick. You don’t fit the box occupied by the rest of the sell-side and that’s for sure. There again I havent exactly been impressed by the contents of the sell-side box and even if I disagree with you on your conclusions I wouldn’t want to own a stock position without knowing what you were saying. Value indeed. | TP Hedge Fund LONDON
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