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...just now I got the email: "In order to pay for the Research Provider "Drug Analyst" ". I will be again telling them that some days you are the only source I read. | LB, Analyst Zurich 
As my boss once said to me 'If we pay for a Ferrari - we shouldn't be surprised that it delivers performance in the style that we're accustomed...' WELL DONE | MB, FM LONDON 
Congrats on this [Novo] call. When we first started subscribing to your service it was the one call I was most fascinated by due to its extreme contrarian nature and, to me as non-specialist, entirely logical reasoning. Am very happy it is playing out as you foresaw. | CJ, Zurich 
Thanks for checking in. I’m getting your stuff and all is good. I love your brutal honesty and think your analysis is rock solid. Keep’em coming.   | BT, FM NYC
Consensus is more beautiful than any number on its own. | KN, Fund Manager
'LMAO (that’s young person’s speak for "laugh my arse off"). You are not only really smart, but really funny too… just makes it all the better!!!' | AK, EVP Sector Stock
You are a legend - called Allergan dead right! And Sanofi, GSK and Novo! But I won on the Swiss pair!!! | RT Private Banker
I love your work and can't live without it. | BP Fund Manager BOSTON
I know a thing or two about valuation. Like many, I too can wield such weapons as the sword of P/E and the sabre of P/S... Then DRUGANALYST showed me the laser-sighted, automatic rifle that they call DA-NET. Wow! The subscription fee is a small price for having DA on my side! Life’s never boring with these guys, I even logged into the database when on holiday to get my daily fix… ! | CH London
"I have been reading your research book religiously almost every day for some time now. I think it is SUPERB! The quality of analysis and entertaining style are just so different from what I've become used to from the big banks". | MD, US bulge bracket investment bank.
I love what you write. Luckily, I'm not easily offended, and that we also speak a version of an Anglo-Saxon language on this side of the Atlantic. I don't always agree with you but your views are well-reasoned and always entertaining. | CEO biotech
I was thinking of buying Valeant until I read your piece. Thank the lord I read all your stuff avidly.  | RDM Manchester
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